Pizza fuckboy

Drunk sex porn

I was just lounging around the house, one of those lazy days where you never really start the day; you kind of just melt into it. I was binge watching something on Netflix and binge drinking a huge glass of vodka and soda, though  I was pretty fucking high. I got some really great weed and have rolled a bunch of joints for myself to enjoy today. Then, of course, the munchies set in. I don’t eat carbs. Almost never, but the munchies are the munchies right?
I called for a pizza and fuck it seemed to take forever! Finally, there is a knock at my door. There is a doofy looking boy standing at my door. Oddly enough he looked even more stoned than me, but then again I did answer the door naked. Honestly, I was so deep into relaxing I didn’t realize how much of a drunk girl fucking whore I really am.  He wasn’t able to take his eyes off my tits, so I invited him in so I could “sign” the receipt. I looked at the line where you could give a tip and even though I don’t mind tipping, I thought this time I’ll ask if this young man would rather fuck than get a cash tip. When I asked his eyes got huge and he stuttered “Um, yes Ma`am, I mean lady, I mean… yes please.” I smile and grabbed the pizza box dropped it onto the kitchen table and pulled my delivery boy into my family room, stripped him down and went to town sucking his cock. He was squeezing his ass and very obviously trying to not cum with every stroke of my tongue, mouth, and hands. He was hard before I started but this got him like a rock. I stood up, turned around and lowered myself onto his nice throbbing boner, I put my hands on my knees and I bounced up and down on that cock until he was shooting his jizz deep into my pussy. I could feel his hot load filling me up. Shortly after, I came as well and I was coming down, the pizza boy’s phone started going crazy buzzing and dinging. I hopped off him and told him I was going to the hot tub. His eyes got wide when I wiggled my finger for him to come along. I walked out to the patio, hoping he knows I meant for him to follow, and he did. “Ma`am, I need to go back to work.”
God damn it, it was just getting good.

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