Paying My Debt

Gangbang WhoreMy tight pussy has never been  so full of cum before!

I am dripping from my ass and my cum filled cunt!

My tits are caked with crusted cum and my hair is drenched in piss!

I got a little crazy the other night…I don’t know what the hell that stuff was that I took but I was giving away free fucks like they were Canadian pennies!

I was teasing men with my dripping pussy, grinding my ass on their laps and loving the feeling of them growing harder and harder!

I brought every man I could find into the private room and fucked and sucked every damn one of them!

I couldn’t get enough!

But I was so fucked up, I forgot to charge them and so my boss was pissed!

He said I was going to pay for it one way or another!

So he locked me in this damn hotel room and turned me into a gangbang whore until I worked off my debt!

I have dirty men riding my ass all night long!

Long fat fuck sticks pumping my stretched cunt full of cum, thick throbbing cocks dropping their load in my gapping ass, I even had a skanky slut sit on my face while I eat spunk out of her crack whore ass!

A few golden showers later and I only $1100 more to go!

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