Paul’s Nasty Drug Bender

Trailer Trash Whore

He Calls me Mistress Crystal ’cause all we do is meth. He likes to give me money, buy me dope and cigarettes. He loves to be my meth slave. We do crank all night, and pick up some dark omens to slaughter back at his place. We like to cruise and do crank. Put that meth in the pipe, melt it down, take a big it. Oh fuck yeah! Talking really dirty, to a nasty drug whore like me gets his cock fucking hard. We go out really late to the bad part of town. I make him get out of the van and crawl on the ground. I walk really slow wearing my boots down the alley at night. He watches men pick me up men, hop into the cab, and pull out my fucking switchblade! I rob those men for their money and their meth, their crank and their cash! I made him my sugar daddy so he can take care of my crank habits! He pays up whenever I ask, and I’m asking baby so pay up to Mistress Crystal Meth! Paul is my little meth slave boy, and I own him. Now eat my ass slave, and get me some drugs!

Druggy Phone Sex

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