Party All The Time

Gangbang Whore AudreyAll I wanna do is fuck and party! Can that be all life is about? It is to me anyway! It was just this morning that I was waking up with a cunt and ass full of cum, and a hangover that would put any man to bed for the day. That doesn’t stop me! I am ready for more! More partying. More cock. More fucking cum for me! Mmm, I have 2 white treats in mind. And I KNOW you have one of those treats for me. A nice and fucking warm sticky load for my pretty face! Satisfy my hunger for your cum, shoot a fat fucking load down this deepthroat cocksucking throat. I wanna be your bukkake facial whore, your gangbang slut that you can share with ALL of your friends. I know that you can’t resist me.  I’m that sexy slut that never says no and always pleases you better than you can even please yourself. I know you’ll come see me soon so you can see me face down and ass up taking that long dick of yours, just like last night.  Except there was over 10 guys there, all taking their turns with me, getting high and drunk with me. Using me all up until their poor balls were empty and deflated. I wanna party like last night baby!

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