Panty selling

Dirty phone sex

When you’re as addicted to coke as I am, you find some creative ways to make money. One of my friends told me she makes a few extra bucks per week selling her dirty panties online. I was interested immediately! I posted an ad online and within a few hours I had a couple of guys interested. They wanted my dirty pussy juice filled panties to sniff and masturbate into. I put on a pair of my sexy lacy thongs and wore it throughout the day. I wanted them to be really smelly and covered in my juices, so I spent the day rubbing my pussy and cumming in my panties until they were totally soaked in my cum. The crotch of the panties were completely wet and dripping with my cunt fluids by the time I was done with them. Then I sealed them up in a plastic bag to lock in the scent. I knew my buyer would be very pleased getting my smelly and still wet panties to sniff and play with while he strokes his cock. Easiest $50 I’ve ever made!

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