Halloween With My Aunt

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Through her fingertips she casts a pretty little spell
It fills with words she feels about a petty little devil
Replaced by her blind rage, a hex slips past her lips
Never piss off a Pagan Witch!


Aren’t witches divine? I actually thought about being Wiccan but there was just too fucking much to learn and I didn’t want it bad enough.  I have an Aunt who is Wiccan and she is crazy as fuck.  Not a bad crazy but a fun crazy.  I wish I got to see her more because I actually do care and love her.  She is nothing like my Mother.  When she does come to visit me we always go out together, and I have to say my Aunt is one fine looking woman.  She has tits to die for!

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Luckily for me she is coming over tonight for Halloween.  She said that she has some potions that she made and wants to try out.  One of them is supposed to make any guy fall in love with you.  What a load of crap, but it is Halloween so who knows, maybe Witch’s potions work on this day. I wish she could brew something up to make my tits bigger than they are, or make my pussy irresistible to any man I want to fuck. I would love to have that happen.  So much cock, any time I wanted with just a simple look? I would have a shit load of married women pissed at me, I already do but even more so.  

Anyway, her and I will be out looking for dick tonight along with having a lot of drinks.  So if you see us, make sure you cover your drink up, because my witchy Aunt might want to keep you for herself and put her potion in your beer.

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