Our night out

2 girl phone sexI have been so busy at work lately that I haven’t had a single moment free to go out and have some fun, can you believe that bullshit? I couldn’t take it any more, I needed a break to clear my head and knock the cobwebs off of my pussy, you know what I mean? That’s why I called up Freida, she is a nasty little cum eating slut just like me so I knew that we were going to have the best night ever. We hit up this club downtown, there were always hot and horny guys there looking to fuck, all it was going to take was a little eye contact and a wink or two and we were going to get all the dick we could handle. Man, we were such total sluts too! By the end of the night we had lost count of how many men we fucked there… shit at the end of the night we were both bent over the pool table with cocks in our pussies and our mouths! Definitely broke my dry spell!

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