Orgies and Drugs

Druggy phone sexLast night, I was invited to attend an orgy. There were naked bodies everywhere and everyone was fucking and sucking. There were tiny piles of cocaine everywhere. I scooped some up in my fingernail and snorted the good stuff. The drug made my nipples hard and my cunt throb. I searched around the room because I was ready to sit on a hard dick. I saw a cute couple fucking missionary style on a sofa. The girl looked way too innocent for an orgy. I wanted to punish her so I sat on her face. I made her eat my pussy because I wanted my pussy to be sloppy wet because her partner had a huge cock. I smothered her with my fat cunt and her nose tickled my clit. The man pulled his cock out of her pussy and grabbed me from her face. He sat up on the sofa and I sat on his dick. He licked at my tits as I bounced on his dick. The poor girl looked angry because I stole her lover but I really didn’t give a damn.

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