Make me you dirty toilet

I am a dirty, worthless, slut baby! Use me and make me your potty whore! Face fuck me like the dirty cum whore I am. Shove that cock as deep down my throat as you can! Force me to gag of that cock and use my throat for your pleasure! This is all I am good for daddy, to be fuck and degraded! I know I’m unworthy of the deliciousness you are going to feed me daddy, but I thank you in advance!

Golden showers sexYou know I love piss and I’m so thirsty baby! After all that throat I just gave you, mine is a little dry! Piss in my whore hole baby! Make me choke on that piss! You know I love to drink every drop like the disgusting little toilet I am! As your piss runs over my massive tits and down to my pussy, I rub it all in and use the extra wetness as lube for this wet, little, pink, cunt. Yes, baby give me that golden shower! That’s right piss all over my worthless fucking face baby!

I grip your cock and start sucking and jerking, trying to milk out every drop of that delicious piss before running my tongue over your taint and onto that tight, little, dirty ass hole! You know I love the taste of your ass baby! Feed me that dirty shitty ass! “Yeah, you fucking dumb whore! This is what you were made for! To be my toilet! Now open up wide and eat this shit!” You order while holding my head back by my hair.

I open up and stick out my tongue grazing your ass begging you to feed my that nice hot shit! You know I and a fucking disgusting shit eating whore! Now open up those cheeks daddy I want more!


    • Yarif on July 3, 2022 at 8:10 pm
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    I have a lot of piss saved up for you.

    • Greggo on July 4, 2022 at 6:52 pm
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    I want to piss in your asshole, bitch.

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