No regrets

 Hardcore anal sex

Everyone and their momma know I’m the neighborhood slut. I love to take cock and like to fuck my way out of all sorts of situations. My landlord, my old bosses, my new boss. My ex-boyfriends. I have a story for every situation. I have been thru some things you would never believe. I have fucked my way out of all kinds of things. I’m quite proud of this pussy and mouth and ass because they have helped me steer clear of problems.

Yes, maybe I shouldn’t be drinking and doing drugs while I’m supposed to be watching tots. I can’t help it. I want to party hard and get rammed. Maybe I should pay my rent on time, but why wouldn’t I spread for the landlord. Also, maybe I shouldn’t be illegally smuggling coke to work, but the cops want a nice piece of ass after a long work night. Also, I shouldn’t be stealing from my job, but my boss won’t fire me because he loves to feel my holes and cum on my tits.

When I can get out of trouble and earn all kinds of perks, why would I stop living my crazy, fun life?

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