My Teen Whores Love Creampies

Creampie slut


Not every hot and horny whore you pay to bang will let you turn her into a cum filled creampie slut.  Most of us will make you strap on a condom before you bore out our whore holes, it’s just safe practice.  Luckily, I have a handful of bought bitches who have no problem letting a trick bust a nut deep inside of their guts and, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, that those little sluts make more money than any of my other cash grabbing cunts.

My tiny teen prostitutes are real go getters!  It makes sense, they did learn from the best.  It wasn’t hard to amass a group of goop loving gashes who are willing to take load after load in their cum loving holes.  All I did was explain how the upcharges for the various sex acts they perform work and show them the creampie bonus and just let their gold digging asses take it from there.  Making huge mounds of cummy cash has never been easier for me!

Some of them are on various forms of birth control, a few apparently can’t get pregnant no matter how much jizz gets deposited into their pussies, others take the load right in their assholes.  Anal upcharge plus a creampie bonus is a great payday for anyone, take a few of those in a day and you’ve made half a month’s pay in 24 hours!  They aren’t really worried about STD’s, there isn’t much out there that can’t be contained and controlled these days.  They can even keep AIDS at bay, now.  Sure, herpes hurts like hell, but thousands of dollar bills tend to ease any pain.

It’s no surprise, teen sluts fucking huge cocks and taking the juiciest loads up in them make more money than those who don’t.  I’ve known that for a loooooong time, I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of shots of cock snot blown as far up inside of me as possible.  As long as the johns want it, me and my trailer park teen hookers will sell it to them. 


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