My Private Dance Routine!

Stripper Sex Stories

Last night while I was working my shift at the strip club, I was asked to give a private dance and my guy got way more than he bargained for in the champagne room! This guy had been watching me all night, as I worked the pole and when I was serving drinks. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was, just feeling him stare me down made my cunny wet. I felt like prey and he was the predator for my sloppy wet pussy. I was summoned to the champagne room for a dance but I knew already who would be waiting for me, of course it was him. I was all too excited to grind on him and feel his cock getting hard against my stocking covered ass. He surprised me by grinding his cock against me as I rode his lap, we were passionately humping with our clothes on. My sexy client was pouring singles all over my body just before I felt him suck on my nipples and rip my stockings open, exposing my wet slippery cunt. I couldn’t resist his cock, I slid his hardness out of his jeans and let the head rub against my throbbing cunt. When he penetrated me I came instantly, I milked his cock hard as he grabbed my ass. I couldn’t believe how amazing his cock felt inside me, I begged him to fuck me silly. He rewarded my greedy pussy with a hot steaming load of cum, never have I given a better private dance!

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