My night out was wild!

live phone sexI went out last night thinking that I was just going to have a simple evening. It was supposed to be just a dinner out with a friend and maybe a little sex after, just a regular night you know? But it ended up kind of crazy instead! Instead of a restaurant, he took me out on this big ass boat, I thought we were alone except for the staff but after we had dinner he led me downstairs where there were probably twenty guys waiting! I didn’t even know what to say! I was excited and happy and so fucking horny all at once, I swear I thought for sure that I would explode! I just started stripping off my clothes and telling them to come and get it and none of them hesitated at all. They pulled out those hard cocks in within seconds I was stuffed full, every fuck hole had a cock in it and there were still more waiting for their turn too! Honestly, it was a much better night than I thought I was going to have even if it ended with me sore as fuck!

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