My New Master

Cum dumpster


I had a sex session with a guy named Peter Cocker and he was terrific, on our first session Peter did things to me that brought my mind to a total standstill. Peter told me right away that he was my master and my sole owner. As my master, Peter informed me that I must do everything he told me to without question. I assured my new owner that he could be confident that I would follow every direction he told me to because I wanted nothing more than to please him. As far as I’m concerned if my new master wants me to fuck a room full of horny slackers all at once, then that is what I will gladly do. I am forever grateful for my owner, and I will do whatever he wants to the maximum like a perfect whore should. My master Peter wanted me to fuck so many nasty bastards last night, and I did it. A huge cock fucker was pounding my asshole while another horny cockwad was fucking my cum guzzling cunt so hard. The third motherfucker was making me swallow his thick cum erupting dick, and I love it all.

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