My new accomplice

taboo phonesexI took a tour of our new local school today and I almost creamed in my panties. I was surrounded by some of the sexiest little cookies I’d ever seen. These were nothing like the classmates we had in school. These girls had on skin tight jeans, clinging to sweet asses. Crop tops with no bras, that revealed puffy little nipples. It was a P-Mommy’s buffet. I sat on a bench in front of the school just checking out the view. I could feel my pussy tensing with frustration. How could I possibly get some of this without being obvious? I looked across the road and saw a man sitting there. He was practically drooling on himself, checking out the fresh produce. His hand was in his pocket and I realized what was going on. He was jerking off under his coat. I was intrigued. One of my own kind!!! I discreetly took a few pics of him then sauntered over to him and sat down. “Nice view,huh?” He was startled and looked at me cautiously. I moved over against him and slid my hand under his coat. His big cock was raging and he was breathing heavy. Why don’t you help me? I know what you need. I pointed out a few tender morsels as he gasped and pumped a hot load into my fist. I think I found an accomplice. One who knows our dark desires. Care to share your story with us?

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