I Love Cum

Cum eating phone sexI love cum. I am a total cum guzzler. I like to lick it off my face, lick it off a dick, lick it off balls, lick it off an asshole or even lick it off a pussy. Once I was at a party and it turned into a big orgy. I took so many nice hard dicks in my mouth that I was full of cum. I enjoyed every drop of it. But even that was not enough for me. Every time someone took my big bald juicy pussy and spewed their cum inside me, I was happy to lick their cocks clean. I just can’t get enough of that thick, salty, warm liquid. I was such a cum slut that night that I even cleaned it out of the other girls’ pussies. I licked and licked until their pussies were clean. If someone had an asshole full of cum, I was their girl. As the cum leaked out of their little brown holes I was right there to take it all in my mouth. I made sure every dick, titty, mouth, pussy and asshole were clean before they left that party. I was a nasty little cum dumpster that night.

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