My Mouth Was Made To Be A Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerWithout fail seeing a cock gets my bald little pussy wet and I want to be bouncing up and down on it. Let’s be honest that isn’t much of a surprise coming from a big slut like me. However seeing a Big Dick standing hard up hard with big bulging veins makes my mouth begin to water. I crave the taste of salty droplets of precum being dribbled out onto my tongue. I want to feel my cheeks get puffy because I have a huge cock stuffing my mouth. Let’s be honest I have the perfect mouth for cock sucking. Soft and plump lips, and can open my mouth wide enough to fit my own fist inside. Honestly I’m feeling a bit hungry right now, and would love a big tasty snack! How about it you pump that hard dick of yours into this pretty little mouth of mine?

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