My Ex Tricked Me Into Getting Anally Fucked

Anal sex whore

I was partying with my ex-boyfriend last weekend and he knew I’m a coke Anal sex whore. He brought enough to get me so high I would do whatever he wanted. As we were getting high, two of his friends came into the room. He told me to snort some cock off his friend’s big dick. I didn’t hesitate and snorted the whole line off his cock. His friend then pushed my head down on his big black cock and I was being forced to suck it, my ex in the background said he would pay me if I sucked his friend off. I kept sucking his big black dick with eagerness since I was going to be paid. Then I felt his other friend lift my skirt and pull my thong to the side and I knew he was about to stick his cock in my asshole. As soon as he did my ex whispered in my ear how he has always known a little cock makes me into the biggest slut. He stroked his cock as he watched his friends fill my mouth and asshole up. We got high all night and I let them fuck me until the sun came up. He tricked me into getting fucked but it was so much fun.  

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    • Cory on November 25, 2021 at 3:51 pm
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    Fuck yeah

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