My Dirty Bottom Boy

John is one of my submissive. He has to come naked to the door with his big hard dick hanging out. I bend him over my knee and spank him while playing with his balls. Then I make him get on my knees and lick my wet cunt all the way to my ass, he knows he must stick his tongue in it or I punish him by squeezing his balls and sticking my thumb in his butt. If he does it just like I like it I reward him by sitting in his face and jerking his now leaking dick. Before I get him off, I sit on his dick reverse cowgirl style. I like him to watch me grind my ass and pussy on him. I play with my clit and I make him stick a finger in my butt, I don’t stop until I cum all over. I make him lick my pussy and clean up my juices. When I feel all clean, I put my strap-on on and I make him suck it while playing with my pussy when I’m good and ready I make him bend on all fours, I lick his ass and get it all nice and wet before I slide my black dick in his ass, I fuck him hard while stroking his dick and telling him to cum all over my hands like a good boy he is he releases his fat load all on my hand. I love when a man can take my dick. 


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