My Cunt Is Hot And Dangerous!

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The temperatures are dropping but my slit is so hot it could melt the snow off of you. When I spread my legs in the winter time in my little skirt, my smoke signal is the steam streaming from that hot little snatch! The truckers down at the stop know damn well my pussy is hot, fresh, and ready to take some hot cum loads! As the night goes on and I get fucked more and more like the sloppy whore I am I’ll be steaming Sleeper cabs up all over the lot whether I like it or not. My cunt just gets so hot I can’t stop it from being so dangerous when the temperature drops.

When I get high as fuck, sometimes I’ll just fuck out in the snow ’cause I can’t feel my face anyway! But I sure can feel the way that cock is pounding in and out of my already full nasty cunt! His balls always slap against my ass and make such an echo it sounds like we have applause from all the perverted truckers sitting in their cabs with the lights on masturbating their cocks to the fuck show I’m putting on for them.


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