My Car Broke Down

no taboo phone sex


My car just broke down on the side of the highway and all these cars were flying by me not stopping to see if I needed help or anything. I am completely pissed by this point but that’s when I remembered the obvious thing to do here- flash the truckers! Would you believe that the first one that saw my hot bod pulled over in seconds flat? “Well, what can I help you with little lady?” – I made it clear that if he could fix my car I would fix his cock up real good. I climbed into the cab of his truck and road that cock right. Bouncing all over his seat and making his dreams come true. Then we got out and I let him pound my ass on the hot hood of my car. God damn, it was so much fun. After letting him cream my hoes up all good- he jumped my ride of and everything was dandy. Now it’s off to the orgy party. Wanna come with me? The more cocks the better, right?

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