My Candy Pot


Big dick sucker

You’ve been here all night stalking me looking in my windows like a pervert. I see how you behave when my husband’s gone that’s why I invited you over I wanted to see what you would do if we were alone together. Do you like this outfit that I’ve put on it’s just for you. I know you like for me to wear very freaky things you like my powder as don’t you. You want to put your face inside of my asshole and lick me good don’t you? If I bend over in front of you, will you take your tongue and start to lick my ass and make my pussy drip? I need to know what you are willing to do? I am a horny girl right now. I need you to be my nasty man I am lusting after you. We can fuck like beasts you can eat my pussy like it’s so Wonderland. Dip your tongue inside of my candy pot you know my favorite spot I know this because I’ve been recording you. Your cock bust so fucking big whenever I’m sticking my vibrator inside of my pussy. You love to be my nasty motherfucker I know that you have dreams about me. I am your best friend’s wife, but you don’t care. Don’t look at me so shocked I know how you behave. I’ve seen you. I’ve watched you. I’ve paid attention. Come here and give me what you, I know you want to give me.

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