My Boss is Hooked


Cum eating phone sex

I bet I know what turns you on more than anything. I bet you I can do to your body what you can’t do without me. I turn you on, and you know this, you know that my whole body is everything to you. You’re hooked on me what can you do if you don’t obey me. Where can you go to tell someone exactly how you feel inside? You need me I make you weak why can’t you pay attention to your weaknesses? I can understand what I’ve done to you, but you continuously wonder because you just cannot begin to grasp why someone has such a strong hold over you. You look into my eyes; first I know that. You close your eyes because it gets too intense; you want me, you open your eyes. I’m right here, can’t you feel the heat of my breath on the back of your neck? I want you right now. I want you to put me on your office desk, and I want you to tear my dress off. I’m wearing pink panties right now; you can pull them to the side if you want to see how sexy I am in those panties while you’re fucking me senseless. I control you; that’s what turns me on the most. I own real estate in your mind, and you know this much better than I. You know what to do, so do it and do it right now.

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