My bills got paid

live phone sexLately I have had a rough time what with the pandemic and all that so I had to get creative to get these bills paid. So I auctioned myself off to the highest bidder for one day of anything goes raunchy ass sex. There were several guys I know that had been wanting to fuck me for ages but I always shot them down because I just wasn’t attracted to them. Desperate times call for desperate measures tho so I was even open to fucking them if they paid me enough. Well, they all pooled their money so that they could all get a turn, can you believe that shit? I was very pleased by the amount of money they paid tho so I met up with them and put myself at their disposal. They fucked all my holes and used me like I was just a dirty little whore. They took out all their frustrations on me and used me for hours, honestly it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

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