Muppet Ugly and her Hubby

No taboo phone sex


Oh, the ugly little Muppet baby is upset because her husband loves fucking me. Your husband tells me all the time how you’re worthless, and he just doesn’t want to be with you; he says if he divorces you, you’re going to take half of his money. I told him not to divorce you. I told him it’s more satisfying when he fucks over you the way that he does with me. Your husband really knows how to suck a pussy good he licks my clit better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had before. I can’t get enough of your husband’s cock stuffing in and out of my hot wet pussy. I love the way your man fills my cunt up with his cock juice, and I’m sure he’ll get me pregnant one of these days. You’re ugly; you think you’re important, but you’re disastrously ugly. I’ve heard my other girlfriends fuck him too and I love it. I’m not like you I know how to share; you don’t share it although you get angry and that ugly face of yours gets even more unpleasant when you’re mad. Your husband and I, we laugh at you while we’re fucking and smoking joints. I ride his face, and I think about you. I think about how angry you look. You’re a disgusting piece of shit bitch just like my girlfriend told me she said that you were absolutely fucked up in the face and you had an ugly body. I agree with my girlfriend; your body is so fucking fucked up and your face it’s hideous, but I’m sure you know that because of the mirror and all. My girlfriends and I, we love making fun of you; we talked about you constantly how you’re so stupid and dumb and insignificant. You’re not on our level; you should be an old shit spot slave. I hope you know that your girlfriend loves white girls he can’t get enough of us; my girlfriends are white too, and we all fuck your husband so good. The next time we fuck him we’re going to do it and those ridiculous outfits that you try to buy to make yourself look sexy. I want you to know you’re a disgusting bitch.

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