Mr. Average AKA Big Daddy

stripper sex stories

I always thought I was gonna be something bigger. Go off to exotic places and meet interesting people. Well I got half of that right. There are a ton of interesting people I have met at the strip club. We have our high end VIP regulars who are always naughty. They never know how to follow the keep your hands to yourself rules Our run of the mile regulars, who every now and again cash out for something a bit more. Then the randoms who float in and out.

I remember one regular who wasn’t anything really special. He was an average looking guy, nothing to hot but attractive enough. He has only cashed out once since I started here. My lucky night though, he asked for me.

He told me to call him Big Daddy the whole time. He had me sit on his lap and give him a lap dance, he kept his hands to himself surprisingly. I started to strip down figuring he would want to fuck me. As I got naked he kept his hands off of me. I asked if I was pleasing enough to him and he told me of course. So I asked why he was keeping his hands off me and he said “You haven’t told me to tough you yet.” He was waiting for my green light. I told him to and oh I am glad I did.

He roughly played with my tits and clit making me moan out. He unzipped his pants and he was anything but average. He was at least 12 inches long, with a girth of 3 inches. Oh thank you for coming here, and wanting me. I sucked every last inch of his cock into my mouth. Then, I rode his cock. My pussy throbbed around him as he stretched me wide. I was cumming all over him the second he was fully inside me. I bounced on his cock hard, I felt him twitch and flex deep inside me. Oh my god he is about to cum. His cum over took my pussy and dripped out. I was so happy. I hope he cashes out again and uses me.stripper sex stories tumblr

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