More than enough

Cum Dumpster

I had been with them for a few hours and the sex was great.  The three of them had me any way they wanted all at the same time.  To have all my holes filled and pounded at the same time made my juices flow from everywhere. They had me for a whole night.  I was being paid to be full of cum.  Before all of the cum started there was so much fucking going on.  They was fucking me they even started to fuck each other.  They all took turns filling me up with their cocks in each hole.  together I drank their cum as they shot their loads in my mouth.  There was so much of this sweet thick cum juice.  It was dripping everywhere.  I made sure not a drop was wasted.  Round two I was ready they each filled my cunt with more creamy goodness.  It was so much that it was pouring out of me.  They was not done with me yet nor I with them.  Our juices and the mixture of sweat had the room very slippery.  I made sure they got their money’s worth out of me.  I left the three of them passed out in our cum filled mess.  I think everyone of us left satisfied.

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