Monster Dick

Big dick sucker Audrey

Last night I ran out of nose candy. I called all of my dealers and no one had any coke. I almost gave up then I remembered a dealer I hadn’t tried, Rico. Rico is a 6-foot tall black guy with a 10-inch dick. His dick is massive, it’s long and thick like a coke can. It’s so big I only use him as a last resort. It’s so big sucking his cock gives me lockjaw. I needed to get high so I drove to his place. He was so excited, he was waiting for me outside. As soon I stepped inside his place he pushed me to my knees and shoved his dick into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around his huge shaft and did my best to suck the huge tip. I had to really stretch my mouth muscles to fit his huge cock into my mouth. I love big dicks but his dick is ridiculous. I licked and sucked his monster cock. I stroked him into my mouth but I really wanted to feel his dick inside my tight pussy. I got up and bent over his sofa, giving him a full view of my pussy from the back. He pushed his large cock in me and I was in heaven. He fucked my pussy good. I was so wet my juices slid down my thighs. God, I love big black dick!

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