No taboo phone sex


I’m going to make this nigger crazy if it’s the last thing I do. I don’t give a fuck about his feelings I’m going to hurt him. He is so weak for me, and it just makes me scream. I think about this fool like all the fucking time I always wonder to myself, why do I have such a hold on him. I’m wondering it drives me insane, but I love to make him crazy. This fucker, he thinks that he is number one in all girls eyes but not me, I’m hard to get for him. Leave me alone loser I’ll make you beg you need to ask anyway. Let me beat you on your back Let Me Whip your fucking ass I want to do it that way. You are a big brute black guy, and you think just because your cock is like 12 in long that you are a star. Well you’re not, you’re just an average fucker who I can make cry, and that’s all that counts to me. I can make you weak so why don’t you get on your knees and beg me for my hot cotton candy pussy. You know you want this wet cunt you know you want me to squirt in your face and cover you with my cum-cream. You’re begging all the time pleading with me to give your ass a chance, but no, I love when you beg instead. All of those girls you fuck why don’t you get satisfied with them, I know why it’s because they’re all so fucking easy for you to fuck. That’s why you want me anyway because I’m hard to get for you, you want to shove that big fucking monster cock inside of my wet pussy so bad. I control you as far as I’m concerned because you’re stupid for me you’ll do anything I tell you won’t you? I love to tease you and to fuck white guys in front of your face don’t you wish that you could have my asshole? Just like your white co-worker who I sucked in front of you. You have to do something more monkey boy you have to beg.

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