Mommy Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Sex Stories

The things that happen to a mom whore. Stripper sex stories are just hotter knowing my son was watching the whole time! I am ripping on my clit why my son jacks off to my trailer trash pictures. I am also thinking of how he called his daddy and told him how much big cock I got last night. 

He told daddy that I even brought a man home and got my pussy so full of cum It left puddles! 

I am a hot whore wife fuck for him to come back home and fuck me in my cum filled pussy. 

That’s okay you know why? Because my son’s daddy pays me for each load I take in my pussy! 

He knew he married a dirty stripper whore and  it makes me cum to make him listen and watch to all the cum loads he is paying for. 

Even on our honeymoon before our son was born I  went down to the truck stop and fucked some of those truckers, then I spread my legs and showed my new husband all that cum inside of me and what I had done

I have to be a paid for cum dump whore, I have dealer dick that I have to pay my cocaine tab off! 

Ahh, the life of a gangbang whore, If it weren’t for my son and raunchy whore loving husband what would I do!

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