Mommy pimped me out

big dick suckerMommy pimped me out from a young age. I remember we were living in the projects and she was working at a broke down strip joint. She was a money addict who had a bad coke habit too. Like mother like daughter. My mommy showed me early on that I had to please to get what I wanted and if I play my cards right, I could end up in a damn great situation. Whether it’s a high paid hooker or a sugar baby, I just have to keep being a big dick sucker and using my twat to get to the top; Mommy would take me to her events which mainly where hooker auctions. It was a smoky dark room with a dozen men smoking their Cuban cigars and drinking some high-end rum. I was handed a Russian vodka to calm my nerves I was up I was going to get pimped out and let my mommy have a day off. These men were excited to see me, and they were salivating at the thought of fucking my young twat. Mommy made a huge chunk of change and me well, I got my cunt fucked till I passed out, 

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