Mommies little Cum Dumpster

Gangbang whoreMy little Lolita can not even be called a pre-whore anymore!

She is a full blown slut!

I have to admit, I was quite proud when I walked into my dressing room the other day and say that young mouth sucking off a big black cock!

She did not know I was watching but she had both of her small hands wrapped around his thick dark meat as he was forcing her head deep into his short and curlies

She wasn’t even gagging as he was slapping her chin with those low hung balls!

Just like a pro, she held her mouth open while he filled it with enough thick chunky cum to feed an army!

Then he slapped a wad of cash on the table and the next guy stepped up!

What! Is this my girl? She has learned so much!

I almost cried tears of joy as she stood on my make up chair and bent over in front of cock number two and took every inch of his thick hard big black cock in her tight young bald pussy!

He was pounding her young cunt like she was a full grown whore!

I am so proud!

That is mommies little cum dumpster!

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