Mistress Tamsin

No taboo phone sex

Mistress Tamsin is taking out her favorite little whore tonight. I can’t wait to dress you up like the little sissy whore that you are. Then I plan on taking you to one of those seedy adult bookstores. I am going to lead you in on a leash and first stop will be the glory holes. Where I plan on making you suck at least 10 cocks. Watching you deep throat those big thick cocks in your slutty little mouth makes my pussy so hot and wet. I can see how excited and hard your cock gets every time one of those cocks explodes in your mouth covering it in that warm creamy cum that you crave. I even make you lick their cocks clean. Once I think your mouth has been properly fucked. I lead you out and you think we are going to find a big thick cock for your tight puckered ass. But instead I lock you in a cage and make you watch as I get fucked. You are only worthy of cleaning the cum from my cunt!

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