Meet Me In The Bathroom

cum dumpster

This guy that comes into my club a lot says I’m his favorite little cum dumpster. He started by coming into the strip club I work at and getting a dance from me, which of course turned into him paying to fuck me in the back. He was so fucking hooked on my little pussy after I made him explode his giant fucking load inside me. He hasn’t been able to go more than a few days without fucking me ever since. So, he was texting me all day, stuck at home with his family for Christmas. He wants me to meet up with him. It turns out, I’m going shopping tomorrow at the same mall that him and his wife are. Now we have a naughty little plan to meet up in the bathroom and fuck. It will have to be a quiet and fast little quickie but it’s better than nothing. He needs to get his fix for my sweet wet cunt while his wife is out Christmas shopping, he just can’t stay away!

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