Make me your bitch Monday!

cum filled cunt becky1My boss at work is really getting on my ass he tells me to do everything and yet he still complains. The ass hole needs a good fuck, because whatever he is getting if anything, just isn’t doing it for him. He needs to have me rock his world. I walked into his office and I told him to just make me his bitch right now! Almost as if I already wasn’t. Before I knew it my tummy and titties were pressed up against his desk as he slapped my ass over and over again, making it pink and sting with pain. He was not gently about it- he put his pole hard as fuck into my ass. He rammed it into me until the desk was going to fall through the floor. Just when I thought he had his way with me, it was not over yet. He pulled my hair, pulling my face back and flipped me over onto my back so that I was looking up at him. He climbed over my face putting his balls and ass hole in my face so that I could lick and suck up all of his juices. I am made a bitch in more ways then one apparently.

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