Loving That Sweet Young Thing’s Salami

Baby girl and I went to the grocery store on Wednesday, only to find salami samples at various points in the store. I thought that was unusual, so I asked the third associate I saw offering the samples what gave. She informed me that it was national salami day, so they were pushing the store’s best salami. That was when I saw him. He walked around the corner with 2 pieces of salami already in hand, and grabbed another 2 from the lady in question. He grinned at me around his chewing, and I knew I was going to take him home with me. He was around baby girl’s age, and his sandy colored hair and green eyes were to die for. Young teen phone sex

He followed us out to the car and happily helped us ladies to our home with our groceries. We stripped him down and gave him amazing blow jobs before fucking him long and hard on the couch by way of thanks. He wound up spending the night, we wore that poor little dear right out.

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