Love Playing With My Furry Friend

I’m too much of a slut to not let my furry friend lick and fuck me. I was giving him a bath and I saw his furry dick get hard he is not small by any means. So, I decided to touch it and stroke it and see what would happen. He started panting and sticking his tongue out, I decided to see what he would do with his tongue. I took my panties off and got on my back and spread my legs and right away he went to sniffing and locking my cunt. He has such a good rough wide tongue. He was able to lick my pussy and asshole up.

Furry friends phone sex

I needed my ass licked more so I got on all fours and spread my ass open and he right away licked it. I was so into it I didn’t realize he was mounting me until his paws were gripping my hips tight and his furry friend cock was slipping into my wet cunt. It must have felt so good he was howling and pumping my cunt I couldn’t help myself and play with my clit. As I was cumming I felt him grip me hard and start barking and filling me up with his gooey nut and when he was done, he licked me clean. I love playing with him now.  

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