Lot Lizard Sex Was Popping at the Truck Stop Last Night

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is popping on a Friday night at my local truck stop. I am well-known there too. I am the hottest lot lizard according to the truckers. When I am not there, I am missed. I did not go last Friday because of some bad weather. I decided to crash a teen party instead. This Friday, however, I was jonesing big time for some party favors and big cocks. Big black cocks. My local truck stop is full of black truckers, many who decide to stop at this truck stop just because of me. I am just an old-fashioned coke whore. I have a good body still. I am not on crack or meth so I can keep up with the hard cocks. I was looking for Big D. He is the black man with the biggest cock I know. He was looking for me too, but not for the reason I had hoped. I thought he would want to party with his favorite trashy milf and fuck the shit out of me like he usually does. He did fuck me. He did give me coke. But he was looking for me because his white friend was along for the ride. This guy was fine looking and according to Big D had a pretty fly cock for a white guy. I had to check him out for myself. I was not sold, even though I knew Big D knows what a big cock looks like because he has 14 inches dangling between his legs. Well, his white driving companion did not have 14 inches between his legs, but he had about 12, which is indeed pretty fly for a white guy, LOL. I got to fuck them both. I got my swirl on with some chocolate and vanilla dicks. I have a sore sloppy wet pussy today as a result, but this old whore loves to hurt so good.

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