Lot Lizard Sex Keeps Me Warm

Lot Lizard Sex

This is the perfect time of year for lot of lizard sex. I stay mostly to the southern states, but I do end up in places like Colorado and Oklahoma that can be a bit cold for a mommy whore dragging her brat around as she goes on her next gangbang truck stop adventure. I figure its high time she learns what she is going to become having a mommy like me. A slut to use all her holes for all the dick. In Colorado, we stopped at the Big Truckstop In Colorado Springs and one of the young drivers gave my daughter a weed cookie. She was so high that she started helping mommy blow him and wanted to know if it was time for her virginity to be taken. I snorted a line of that good booger sugar that these truckers keep on hand and told her not yet but she can watch as mommies ass gets pounded and lick the cum from my asshole.

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