Lot Lizard Sex Is my Favorite

lot lizard sex

Your whore is known for lot lizard sex around here. Right now I am doing my country a good deed by pimping out my pussy! Though needing a fix is what really drives me, and well, my love for cum. My hands were shaking as this stocky trucker handed me a rock and told me to climb up in his sleeper. That big rock meant I was going to have to suck a lot of cock and be fucked multiple times. I didn’t care as I took the pipe out of my bra. The truck stop was bare for this time of morning so I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t hear him on the CB telling anyone that a true gangbang whore was ready to be pummeled. I did hear a couple trucks pull in as I was lighting the crack and heard that beautiful fizzle and pop, and then my body melted into oblivion. The truck door swung open and someone called we are ready for that slut! I was harshly yanked out of his truck and pulled to the ground. Five dirty truck drivers surrounded me and with cocks out and trucks parked expertly to block us I knew what they wanted. A bukkake whore to suck them and to coat with cum! I stopped and tried to back away asking where my baggie of crack was only to be shown it by the original driver. I would have to earn my dope back nickel by nickel he said. “Now get to work whore!” I crawled back to the circle and accepted my fate. I love cock and if I was getting rock for it I would suck these men like golf balls through a garden hose. The taste of cum and crack are what fuels a live phone sex whore like me!


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