Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard SexHave you ever heard the word Lot Lizard? They are the women that hang out at the local Truck Stop where the truck drivers stop to refuel and take care of other business.
After the Steel Mill closed in Gary, Indiana where I live most of the young man who I would normally pursue have moved on to better places with jobs and hopefully a better life. My mama was a Lot Lizard for many years, and I just expected to follow in her footsteps because that is all we know how to do to survive. It paid a lot better than working at a fast-food restaurant.

For the most men were nice and happy to have a little comfort even sometimes they were just lonely and wanted to talk to a beautiful young girl like me. I had the advantage of being young. I also looked like the All-America girl. I would have lots tell me that I reminded them of their daughters at home. Of course, the Lot Lizards who had been working the truck stop for years didn’t like me very much. Luckily my Mom was still working and she was the one everyone else was afraid to cross. The were all older and looked like they had been ridden hard and lost that sparkle that I had to offer.

I did really enjoy the company of one of my clients named John. He was very shy, and it took a lot of courage just to speak to me the first time. He had never had a girlfriend and didn’t know quite how it worked. John really enjoyed my company and often we would spend just talking about our lives and our dreams. It really bothered John when he knew that I had other customers and sometimes they weren’t nice to me. He wanted to take me away from all I had ever known. I told him that you can’t make a whore a household. He rode out into the sunset, and I never saw him again. I do think of him often and wonder what my life would have been like if I said yes.


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