Lot Lizard Loving!

Lot Lizard SexI love Lot Lizard Sex! When I got to the truck stop the boys had already set up a mud wrestling ring so naturally I volunteered to wrestle this other obvious whore who was down there. I took my clothes off quickly and we both started in our bra and panties but eventually we were totally naked and not soon after that some of the guys watching decided they wanted to join in and start wrestling us with their cocks! Mud and dirt was flying everywhere I got double teamed by two of them and I was totally pinned down while these cocks were just ramming and fucking themselves deep into my mouth pussy and ass. I loved getting down and dirty like that and being forced into the ground with a cock up my snatch made me cum so hard and the guy just kept fucking pounding me with his bulging dick that I was getting scraped and bruised on my stomach but it was so worth it and I can’t wait for the next match.

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