Looking for Hookers for hire

Druggy phone sex I needed drugs and the dealer’s girlfriend was with him today.. That left me no choice but to come up with funds for my habit! I decided to take a trip to a local casino..

Looking to hit a jackpot! I came across this old man who makes a living off poker.. He invited me back to his hotel room and that’s where I got more than I earned..

I roofied his cup of whiskey… that fucker slouched mid fuck! I was deepthroating his cock when suddenly he passed out… Luckily, he wasn’t smart enough to close the safe..

I guess that’s what being this hot with such firm knockers will get you.. I was able to stuff my asshole with a wad of money.. He woke up and noticed me leaving..

Of course I wasn’t going to be able to just walk out.. So, I strutted my ass back towards him, pushed him down on the mattress… and swallowed up every inch of his dick in my pussy!

Lucky me he was on Viagra so I was stuck fucking him for hours… I guess it was all worth those saggy nuts cumming inside me, he gave me a nice tip.. The wad of money was drenched from my Sloppy wet pussy.. He didn’t notice I jacked him until after I left..

I had an old hag blowing my line.. Too bad for that loser! Now I’ve got me some drugs and I am feeling so fucking good.. Something about meth and coke really makes my pussy tingle.. I am in the mood to watch Prostitution porn while we have Nasty phonesex! 

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