Living Out His Foot Fetish Fantasy

trashy milfI had noticed you watching me ever since you started working at the club. Though I walked around almost nude all the time, you only comment on my feet. Finally I approach you, and we chat for a bit. You tell me you are nervous about approaching women because of your unusual fetish, which you reveal to me is feet. I had never been with a man with a foot fetish and wanted to know more. I invite you into my office to discuss your obsession. Once in my office, you get on your knees and begin removing my shoes. You start rubbing my feet which feels so good after a long night in heels. You follow your hand with your tongue which works it way from heel to toe slowly, breathing in the scent along the way. Then you begin bathing each toe with your tongue and sucking them into your mouth. I had never known my feet could cause so many waves of pleasure to flow through me. I could feel the pleasure straight up to my pussy, even though you were nowhere near it, and I begin touching myself, masturbating while you are worshiping my feet. You then use some oil to massage into both feet making them nice and smooth. You stand, put both feet together and place your hard cock between them they they arch forming a pocket. You show my how to move my legs to jack your dick using only my feet. I get into a rhythm and you put your hand on my pussy where mine had been. You stroke my pussy at exactly the same stroke I am doing to your cock. We masturbate each other that way until the pleasure builds in both of us. You start coming first sending large spurts of cum into the air where they landed on my breasts, abdomen, legs, and of course my feet. It looks like that had been built up for too long and you needed that release. Seeing the copious amounts of cum brings me right over the edge and I start coming too. Your fingers continue their magic until I come down from my climax. I had never known having my feet worshiped could make me feel so erotic, but after this experience, you can visit my office anytime you have the urge to relieve yourself with a little foot play!

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