Little Wolfy Ass Plug Pet Play

Furry Friends Phone Sex

I got bought up by some fancy pervert who has a pet play fetish. I’ve never done much in there, but I thought I’d give it a try being his sexy little wolf pup! He got me ears and a tail that was actually a massive ass plug! That thing stretched me so hard when he popped it in or out and holy fuck did he do a lot of that! My shit chute was so sore for six fucking days afterward, but holy fuck it was so much fun!

Big Daddy Dexter rolled us a bunch of exotics into nice blunts and we smoked for hours as he got my body ready for use. He bathed me, scrubbed me down, waxed me, and then even did my hair and make up. He wanted me to be the perfect pup for him to play with and I was planning on giving him the time of his life. After all, he’d paid me enough in coke to murder a large elephant in cold blood! Once I was high and prettified, he bent me over and forced that cold titanium ass plug inside my little fucking hole.Then, the real fun could begin. Maybe I’ll write you a part two babe!

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