Little Hookers for Hire and for Killing

hookers for hireI was at the mall last night. That was my first mistake. Huge mistake. It reminded me how much I hate people. I especially hate the short people. Ankle biters were running around amuck spreading germs and annoying people like me. This one little princess wannabe was far from her mom, who was too busy flirting with a guy to notice her brat had strayed into my personal space. I know it was risky, but her mom didn’t deserve her, and I had my eye on a pair of expensive leather bad ass boots. Daddy never gives me money, so I need to be creative with how I get the cash for the things I want. The boots cost more than I make in a month. I know some guys. The kind of guys that traffic tender age flesh. Daddy is a sex trafficker, so I know some of his associates. They could make her disappear quickly. Her privileged little life was about to be nonexistent. I keep a needle full of the shit that anesthesiologists use for such situations. I caught her before she fell to the ground. As I was carrying her out through the back exits, I texted my connection. He met me with some smack at a no tell motel. All meat packages get hooked on smack. He wanted to see what I had for him. He was pleased that she was in pristine shape and super young. He forced his dick in her mouth, testing the merchandise. He wanted to pop her cherry, but he showed restraint because he planned on auctioning off her cherry to the highest bidder. That fucking cunt mother is probably still flirting, clueless about what is happening with her brat.


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