Little Bit of Mommy’s Loving

phone sex line freidaI found baby girl playing with herself in the her bedroom today. My beautiful little whore had her chubby little arms stretched as far down as she could get them and she was rubbing away at her tight little puss, doing a decent job of masturbating.

Being the loving mommy that I am, I took one of my toys from my room, gave it a quick wash, and gave it to her. She took a few moments to figure it out, but she finally got the dick inside her, which made her sigh. She struggled to get it to do what she wanted, and had a hard time realizing she had to pull it out and shove it back in, but she got the hang of it over time. Then, I switched the on button, and she nearly flew off the bed. She shrieked and then moaned and started thrusting her little bottom off of the bed, and I knew she was getting ready to cum. I waited for it, and just when she started really moaning, I pulled the vibrator out of her and licked her to full orgasm, cleaning her little cunny out. I felt her little body rock with the vibrations of her fulfillment.

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