Let’s Play Dress-up Fagboy

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Let me dress you up like a fucking slut let me make you feel like a real girl. I know that you’ve been having fantasies about being my little toy slut. I know that you’ve been dreaming about me putting my strap-on on and fucking you until you can’t move. You want to feel me thrust a big fat cock deep inside of your man pussy and make you feel like a week submissive cunt whore and trust me I’m going to get off punishing you. I want you in a really short tight skirt that makes your ass look like a bubble. I like the way your body looks in nylon stockings your legs are so feminine, and you walk just like a woman, so you’re halfway there. I want you to be my woman my sexy little fucking slut that will drop down on your knees and open my asshole and starts to lick and suck. I want to share with you a golden shower. I want you to feel the warm golden flow of my juices pouring over your lips and your body. I want to make you submit to me I want to make you feel like you desire and you have wanted to be a submissive fucking slut for so long. I want to put you in a halter top, and I want to make your face up. I like red lipstick, and I think it looks sexy on your DSL lips. I know you want to be my faggot slut, don’t you? Don’t you want me to make you my submissive Sissy? My strap-on is 12 inches, and it has a very thick veiny structure. I can fuck you every single night I can make you moan and scream because I’m long stroking your man pussy I know you want that in fact, I know that you need it.

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