Let’s Have Some Fun Tonight

dirty phone sexWhat are you plans tonight? Bored, lonely and horny? Me too baby, but I have an idea. I bet you have some party favors close by, don’t you? I know I do. I have a bowl all packed and ready for me to put my lips around it and suck. I also have a long thick white line ready for me to consume too. But you know what I would rather be doing. Playing with you. How about a hot ass roleplay where I replace my bong with your cock? Put my lips around your dick and suck on you for a while? Maybe put the line on my tits and you can snort it off. That idea gets my pussy all warm and inviting. Inviting for you to pound me hard. Not gentle and not romantic. I want it rough and rammed inside of me. Maybe put your hands around my neck and squeeze a little. I love a powerful forceful man on top of me. Then we will turn on some hot ass porn, take another hit or another line and play some more. So, what are you waiting for baby? Don’t leave me here all alone just rubbing my swollen clit. Come play with me.

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