Lesbian sex

Stripper sex stories

I love being a stripper. With my beautiful carmel colored skin and sexy fat ass I make a ton of money. I love being the center of attention. When I hit the stage all eyes are on me. When I make my big ass bounce dicks get rock hard. I feel like a sex goddess, because everyone in the club wants to get between my thighs.
Strip clubs cater mostly to men, but occasionally couples come to have a little fun. One couple, Tim and Michelle , come in at least once a month. Michelle is bisexual, coming to the club with Tim allows her to live out her lesbian fantasies. They pay me $500 for private time in the champagne room.
Michelle is a beautiful red head, with really big tits. I’m her favorite dancer. Last week they came to club, Michelle made a bee-lined straight to me. She handed the cash to me, and whispered,” I want my face in your pussy”. My pussy instantly started throbbing. I grabbed Tim and Michelle’s hands and headed towards the champagne room. Once inside the room, Tim sat on the sofa and prepared to watch the show. Michelle forcefully pushed me against the wall. She got on her knees and spread my thighs. She didn’t have the patience to pull my thong off, so she just pushed it to the side. She licked and sucked my pussy. Her tongue waged war on my clit, my knees were getting weak. Tim had pulled out his huge cock, stroking it with a huge smile on his face. He felt like the luckiest man on planet Earth. Michelle continued to lick and I felt my orgasm coming. My knees bent slightly and I held Michelle’s head against my wet pussy. I was grinding my hips against her face…when I came I slid down the wall, landing my ass on the floor. That didn’t detour Michelle, she held on to me tight and kept licking and sucking, her ass wildly hunching the floor. She didn’t stop until she came. And Tim followed shooting milky cum into the air. Breathing heavily we all stood and adjusted our clothing. Tim handed me another $100, and Michelle kissed me on the forehead. They left hand in hand, and I quietly said to myself, “Damn, I love my job”.

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